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Cope 2 – Kings Destroy [2006]

No better way to describe this movie than the Podwall guys from Russia.

\\ “Cope 2 is one of the world’s greatest graff bombers ever to spit aerosol. There are many graff writers in the world but few can ever be considered kings. Well, you are about to get a closer look at one who is an absolute emperor. This brother is not only one of the great kings of the throw-up but also in wild style pieces, too, as you are about to see.

I came across this documentary called, Kings Destroy, that I have been missing out on ever since it came out on VHS. It is a fantastic documentary by Abstract Video the international Hip Hop community will absolutely enjoy. There is still not enough documentaries and biographies on the old school and its pioneers which is why we need more done like Kings Destroy. This video brings a lot to the table for people to see the rise, life, and rebellion of one of the South Bronx’s great legends in the art of graff writing.

You got to watch this and open up your skull and heart for the original writer experience fresh from the Bronx. Understand this is a video about Cope 2 but the brother rarely talks about himself alone. He is often giving props to everyone in his stories as well as including many of his legendary friends in the documentary. The simple reason why is because the brother never forgot his roots and where he came from. Cope 2 is the true example of keeping it real. I was very happy to see some of the greatest pioneers in Hip Hop showing up even if it was just a cameo. Through out this video, Cope 2 and his long time friends are trying to pass down history to everyone who loves Hip Hop and graff. All you got to do is listen.

Kids become Kings in this excellent documentary with many special guests like KRS One, Flavor Flav, JSon, Fat Joe, PJay, Chico 80, Trap, Seen, T Kid, Kase 2, Rakim, Comet, and Daze just to name a few. It is definitely a classic video you must own in your DVD collection. It tightens up much history after what Style Wars has started because this is a personal tale from ghetto veterans who got dirty daily. Kings Destroy so they can build ill communication that makes sense out of non-sense. When you hear the brother speak all you can say is “word.” \\

Word to @Podwall for tha words above.

And now watch and learn:


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