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The English word crocodile can be traced back to the ancient Greek word Krokodilos. But the word went through a curious spelling change along the way. The Greeks first saw this strange animal in Egypt, where it lived along the Nile River. They named it Krokodilos.

Krokodilos + Core : Corecodile


We are Corecodiles*

Street Knowledge | Street University 

Rap, Punk, Streets, Graffiti, Skate, BMX, Rock n Roll, Tattoo, Movies, Drinking, Party, Hardcore, Black & White, Beer, Trips, Untold Stories, On Tour, Irony, Culture, Art, Refuse, Resist. 

Similar to “V” for Vendetta – It’s “C” for Corecodile | “C” for Community | “C” for Crew | “C” for Corecodile

We are here for it and that all.

And you are welcome to join.


*If you need further explanation you are probably in the wrong place(?)

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