KRS ONE Corecodile H.I.P.H.O.P.
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H.I.P.H.O.P. #KRSONE [1997]


[KRS] Yeah that’s the one — yo Thor-El just just check your micVerse One: Thor-El

So you wanna be the million dollar man, kid what’s your plan

Make a deal with the devil settle for a hundred grand

Not enough I call your bluff, hit you with the stuff

Deal with this and think you’re tough, gimme a call when things get rough

You get no Vette and, if I could stay leaded

I’m leavin rappers one-legged from fakin like the prosthetic

You’re artificial by cripple, rap is like your pistol

Grim Reaper, I got the whistle, death I pull no tissue

Hit you, like the Mac-11, MC’s subtract by seven

Callin callin for the reverand, lookin at hell like heaven

I’m on the map, makin it like the crazy on the track

Oh what the hell I get my mail while I raid you til it crack

Chorus: KRS and Thor-El

H, I, P, H, O, P, we are

H, I, P, H, O, P, we are

Verse Two: KRS-One

C’mon, uhh

Dead two in the head before some A&R tell me

I must give up the streets you lift the company can sell me

What’s the sense in being large if you can’t take a risk?

Thinkin a risk upon a disc means you’re written off the list

I’m not sayin you can’t have your fame and glory just don’t bore me

When I come to see you live, and I paid twenty-five

That’s, crazy loot Kris is saying I don’t play those games

Killing Rhyme Sessions is the meaning of my name

But don’t call my name in vain, cause I will appear

And your livest MC will get slain right here

See I do the homework, and I do the extra credit

You could sell a million records, and still can’t set it

Cause the Lex or Beem is probably just the matches and a Jeep so

I’m sure your rap career now if they come before your people

Ohh Lord!! You can’t be thinkin about Billboard

With the mic cord, and several thousand people just bored

Being dope live is like being insured for life

You always get called back twice, you are

Chorus 2X

Verse Three: Thor-El, KRS-One

I burn like hy-dra-cho-loric and my city got itty

He’s terrible, Thor-El’s incredible and terrific

Is it, that you’re under the influence of local obvious

Rappers that die, but why, explain the obvious

No stoppin this lyrics from the esophagus

Rockin strictly the hip-hop populace

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