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Who is Esteban Vihaio

One of the greatest movie characters of Tarantino. Just watch the video. Farewell Michael Parks. 

Voice Over:
(Voice of Uma Thurman)

“Like all Men without a Father, Bill collected Father figures. The first was Esteban Vihaio. Esteban was a pimp and friend of Bill’s Mother.
Esteban was Bill’s first first “Father”, aged 82. He ran the brothel in Acuna, Mexico for 50 years. His Army, the Acuna Boys, were made up of the Fatherless offspring of his whores.”

“After a fascinating conversation, in which he makes a pass at her, and explains he would not have been as mean to her as Bill was, he tells her he is at the Villa Quatro, on the Road to Salina. He claims that Bill would have wanted him to tell her, because “How else is he going to see you again?”. (imdb)


Michael Parks (I) (1940–2017)
Actor | Soundtrack | Director

Michael Parks is known as an actor’s actor by his peers with a breadth of astonishing range that has allowed him to portray stunning contrasts–sometimes in the same film, like in Tusk (2014), starring in dual roles as an erudite serial killer opposite Justin Long, and as a feeble rube opposite Johnny Depp. In Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) and Kill See full bio »

Born: in Corona, California, USA
Died: (age 77) in Los Angeles, California, USA


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